Damnation Level Special Conditions: post your Ideas

So Special Conditions on Damnation do not feel scary enough; post your ideas to make them awesome, scary and fun. Please try to keep to within reason so this doesn’t get too impossible to implement.

1: Hotzone; the mission is taking part in a region designated for an artillery barrage. Throughout the mission the area will be hit by colossal artillery strikes throwing up dust clouds and doing massive damage. All being hit at once WILL down a party, however the strikes do massive damage to mobs as well as pinning them. Perhaps have a ranging shot come in first as a warning and have two or three different impact patterns to use.

  1. Psykers Doom; the mission takes place during a warp storm. Peril generation is increased by x%(x being subject to balance), Brain Burst has an x% chance to turn into a demonhost for a short time and attacking EVERYTHING before bursting normally.
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I believe that this kind of thread was made before, but here’s my thing, maybe it was made before.

“Silent Entry” - Enemies do not know about our presence.
No specials will hunt us down and no hoards will attack, enemies are less spread out yet numerous, hoards are stationary as well as specials, patrols are as usual.
But, starting ammo and the amount of health stations uses are lowered/

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