Cyber mastiff skill tree

Subclass concept which could use recycled code of pox hounds to create a lovable mobile death shark.

There are two ways I can see it being implemented: passively active, where casting your ability activates extra utility. not sure what.
Method two is upon activation, the cyber mastiff uses one of mob spawn locations to run into the arena, this comes with the downside of limited time use but the upside they can more proactivly reach hostile targets quicker before they disapear back into the shadows.

As for how this useful.

Upsides: can be sent into gun lines to force them into mellee combat, can stagger and/or stun individual specials, can get to targets you may be too busy too, adorable and scary, might be pettable on the morningstar.

Downsides: likely not a massive DPS killer, could suffer being downed if they build it that way, if it’s pinning a special it can’t preform other actions unless called off, might not accept belly rubs in combat.

Upgrade potential: tuanting monsters, ammo/health delivery, can be sent to revive knocked down players, bleed attacks, second hound, glorafied loot vacuum.

As for what class main class it falls under I’d leave to fatshark, I feel this design could be translated to most if not all classes to some capacity.
[edit] works for an arbites/enforcer themed build for sure.

I’m sure people have some interesting suggestions to how this could be further expanded.
Hell if fatshark use this down the line theres no garuntee it will even work like my idea, I’m just suggesting a support build.
providing the team want to go through the effort to modify some AI.


while this would be a good items to have for a Adpetus arbiters or a Tech-priest i am leaning towards a tech-priest class for this thing since, there is limited classes you can do for the adpetus arbiters that can’t already be done with the guard . as the guard can take on the role of Breacher. (suppression shield) with a variant called navy arms man. there is no Secure target or arresting them. so while the Cyber dog is a good idea and would be a good class ult and passive for a class, it really should be tech-priest or adeptus mechanicus acolyte, as you can go into 3 different ways of undertaking the expansion of the class. you have augmentics (like serov arms, mechanictires, bonics), you can have skills like normal or classes (skitarrii, Tech-priest and servitor).

while you could have a combination of Skill tree and augmetics. which would be probable more better for class lore but not for class balancing. the fact is unless they improve the narrative then your still a reject so you aren’t trusted ect,ect,ect. but it would make sense. i could see the DOG ether as an ult or a passive with an ult triggered ability. like Increasing attack speed or being made temporary immune to damage. but it should still need to be reived, i would say it has something like 300 hp, it doesn’t get any benefits from other classes and can’t trigger aura effects. and there should be a skill tree line dedicated to it so it has numour effects like bleed damage or AOE when downed it explodes or stunning everyone around it. your buffs to it can be found in the tree like ranged weaponary attachments, speed, boosts maybe even multiple of them .

in the end for the adeptus mechanicus you can go first branch cyber masstiff handler, secound branch tech-priest with a small spilt at the end between oif the skill tree BIO, Domintus and Generator, (human damage, Gear/equipment /auspexs), with the final line going for skiarrri and you can branch out in the bottom between melee (infiltrators & rust stalkers) and range (Vanguard & rangers).

it fits te branch model well for what their trying out with the adeptus arbities. you might struggle with apart from the dog handler, that anther class can deal with if you can name me 2 other classes that i can’t aruge that one of the 4 classes can take that role with a simple addition of kit or a tweak of ability i would be glad to hear it. as veteran, Zealot have the shotguns, the Psyker if you give them some of the power found in the RPG’s (only-war,dark heresy and rouge trader), can do all most anything under the sun. and the ogyrn can act as a suppression, CQC clear for any and all situation.

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animal handler doesn’t feel at like a mechanicus class at all tbh


they arn’t actually Dogs though they are robotic constructs like servitors or Churebs which one doens’t always associate with the mechanicus but they are constructed by them. so to me since they are the ogirnators of them as it is mechanicus and you need a tech-priest to repair and matain the machine dog spirit. then it makes sense to put it together.

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what im saying is that mechanicus is other things to offer, having an animal that does subjugate enemies fits way better thematically with arbites or a bounty hunter type.

if i look at mechanicus i think of a Explorator acolyte, Secutor Acolyte and Electropriest acolyte.


Yes the Cyber Mastiff shouldn’t be attached to a possible Admech archetypes. But I shouldn’t be tied to an Arbites, simply hinging on the matter that an Arbites shouldn’t be part or equal to Rejects.

And that while it’s cosmetics/looks should be used in-game (Either as Premium/Penance for a class or as part of an enemy factions/lords) it shouldn’t be the main factor of an Archetypes, now for Enforcers, at first I did think it would be a good Archetype, but I think it would work better as a Class Dlc, introducing 4 classes for the current ones. Like “Lex Imperialis” Dlc, introducing 1 class for each: Commissar Veteran; Leashmaster Zealot; Haunt Psyker (Haunt are a types of Psyker Enforcers) and Ogryn Subjugator.

As for how could Leashmaster Zealot work, as it would hinge on a Cyber Mastif, it would by having part of the tree being locked out by choosing certain skills:

Current announced Tree:
Now in order of choices you have:

  • Grenades
  • Aura
  • Ability
  • Iconic

As everyone saw, there are grey nodes (We don’t know yet what they do) who permit the player to mix the different classes as they wish. Now if we introduced a new class, it would start from the top, introduced a new Blitz, example for the Leashmaster could be Photon Flash Grenades (Fast, plentiful and large AoE, but doesn’t stun for as long); the Aura would be Threat Response (Allies in Coherency gain back some toughness when they take damage, individual cooldown); then we get in the meat of the subject:

Ability and Iconic would be one and only, where after the Ability, you wouldn’t have a grey node connecting to the currently announced ones, instead it would branch out directly to the Iconic.

This would mean that choosing the Cyber Mastiff is choosing it as both the Iconic and the ability, this in turn make the Cyber Mastiff not simply a free pick to get a packmate while still retaining individual ability while still managing a system where it can stay around even out of ability.

This would also mean that you can introduced more skills to the Mastiff, with possible aesthetic changes and all


If the Admech archetype get a pet class/ability they should take inspiration on Inquisitor Martyr/Prophecy, where the Tech Adept get as core mechanic Psiloi Constructs which make it into a pseudo summoner class (quite close to what pet classes usually are, but somewhat different enough to make the distinction)

There are plenty of things to do with a Tech Adept, both in grenades/blitz and in abilities

But the Admech make nearly everything in the Imperium, it doesn’t really mean anything, Cyber Mastiff are most often used by Law forces in Hives than by Tech Priests

This is what I mean:

Basically certain sub-trees would fuse together the ability and the Iconic. This would also make them easier to be added as they wouldn’t interact with certain parts of the tree

Other cases where I think it should be used:
Veteran → Stormtrooper (Though name might be used for the 3rd unknown class) with Volley Gun (Outcast Engineer)


I should clarfy, I felt it was good for an enforcer/arbiter “themed” build.
I’ll correct that.

and yeah you’ve got the idea explained perfectly.

could very well they throw this concept to admech, with weird little bio horror technology to go zap people.
But yeah I kept it open who gets this because I felt lore wise theres room to fit allot of characters.
I just said cyber mastiff because everyone recoginises the idea, we may end up with something much differant… like a cannabalistic ratlin in the ogryns pocket.

I can also tell you’re also passionate for an admech character. I have plenty of freinds wanting to be techno goblins as well. One day hpefully.

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