Veteran Class Concept: The Veteran Chem Dog

Veteran Chem Dog

A Risk/Reward class that trades their health in order to fight aggressively, shrugging off effects that would halt others. Their tendency to pillage mid battle makes them resourceful, and their Nitro Chem gives them unique edges in combat.

Ability: Nitro Chem

Gain 15% melee and ranged attack speed, and Suppression immunity for X seconds, at the end of the effect, take Y damage (targeting toughness first)

Aura: Combat High

You and allies in Coherency gain 10% movement speed for 4 seconds whenever any of you kill an Elite enemy

Unique Weapon: Akimbo guns, either Autopistol or Las Pistol (couldn’t find any specific weapons to give them in lore, akimbo guns fit the Nitro Chem playstyle)

Feat/Passive Ideas
Chemical Courage: Weak Spot kills enables uninterrupted toughness regeneration for X seconds (potential increase when Nitro Chem is active)

Arranged Provisions: Start each level with an Ammo Crate in your inventory/Monstrosities drop an Ammo Crate on death

Jury Rig Service: Gain an extra use from the medicae station once it’s depleted of charges

Chasing The Next Hit: Gain the ability to use Nitro Chem when it’s still on cooldown, using Nitro Chem in this way deals extra self damage

Calmed Jitters: Nitro Chem increases accuracy and reduces recoil while Hip Firing

Ain’t Got Time To Bleed: Become immune to damage during the duration of Nitro Chem. Once Nitro Chem wears off, the damage taken is dealt over 4 seconds

Compared to the Sharpshooter, the Chem Dog is a much more front line oriented class, trading precision for raw damage output. They trade the efficiency of bonus weakspot damage and ammo generation for general DPS, perfect for quickly and easily taking care of specials and commons alike. A kit that’s not as reliant on ranged damage makes them a bit more versatile in how they play, encouraging a fearless commando rather than a sniper on overwatch.

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A majority of feat ideas felt too centered around Nitro Chem. While a version of the class centered around it is an interesting option and can fit the theming, more general use feats would be for the best .

Pack Rat: Gain 40% more ammo. Ammo pickups provide 33% more ammo (Feat option to allow user to engage in range more option. The pickup bonus can help make ammo last longer, but is less supportive and helpful for the team’s ammo economy than a sharpshooter’s passive and damage)

Inflammable Filters: Gain 60% damage resistance against flame damage. Flame damage doesn’t automatically drain toughness (Intent is to resist hazards in order to enable the player to run through flame patches left by Bombers and barrels, and combat flamers when using primarily close ranged weapons. The damage resistance to fire might need a nerf if changing fire to not instantly destroy toughness makes the damage too little to bother the player.)

Savlarian Trademark: Heavy melee attacks apply a stack of Toxin to the enemy, dealing a small amount of damage over time and slowing attack speed.