Class concepts: techpriest, abhuman, ratling

Starting with the Abhuman, these would be a rather unique glass in the fact they come in 3 types, goat, cat, dog. all three are normal human sized but have the same special, hightened senses, where for a bit of time they automaticly point out special enemies giving allies a 5% bonus damage against said enemies.

Other wise, they come in three personality types, Smart, dumb, and animal sounds.

Weapon wise, they have a basic set of weapons, with a large amount of fist type weapons like claws and metal fists.

Grenade slot: they throw standard grenades.


We all know the toaster lovers, why not play them. Tech priests would be a low health option with a hacking grenade ability that allows them to turn any explosive on the map that has a servo skull into a proximity mine, though their device has a a charge and only healing stations refill it. (by default you can hack 10 items before needing a recharge.)

Ability wise they can deploy servo skulls, these very based on their melee weapon. choice from a basic one that just scans the area, to one teathered to the priest healing them rapidly. other examples are one with a laser pistol in its eye, another that acts as a distractions, and a final one that just flies into things and explode. these are once again based on their melee weapons.

Speaking of their melee weapons, instead of swords, hammers and other things they have a set of extra arms. these come in different types from ones that light enemies hit on fire, to others that can heal allies by draining the users hack charge. EAch changes you [F] Ability.


Short, angry and very good at range infact they completely lack a melee weapon, to make up for this they have a unique heavy rifle slot which is snipers and long range explosives. their secondary slot can have any pistol class weapon in it.

for abilities their grenade is a set of 4 single use ammo boxes, and their F is an “aim assits” that aims for weakpoints, that is charged by heating heads with out it. every 2 headshots gives 1 charge to their ability. up to 10 charges once the ability is active if they have ammo they will fire upto 10 shots hitting anything nearby in the head/weak point, these shots will not overkill so no stacking unless it is on a strong enemy.

“Abhuman” isn’t a class. “Abhuman” is a designation for a type of human-derived subspecies coming from stable mutations.

OGRYNS are Abhumans. Ratlings are abhumans. Squats are abhumans.

An Abhuman is a descendant of baseline Human settlers whose ancestors mutated and physically adapted to various extreme environmental conditions after being isolated for thousands of standard years on colony worlds across the galaxy. Some Abhumans may also be intentionally genetically engineered mutants created for a specific purpose.

The term may be short for “aberrant Human”, “abnormal Human,” or, less pejoratively, derived from the High Gothic term ab humanis, “from Humans.”

In an Imperium of Man where genetic mutation from the Human baseline and spiritual corruption are often viewed as interrelated or one and the same, Abhumans are a focus of much controversy for the Imperial government. Abhumans are distinct from true mutants in that they conform to a common physical phenotype, demonstrate reproductive stability and are no more susceptible to further mutation than normal Humans.

In more enlightened times under the direct rule of the Emperor of Mankind during the Great Crusade in the late 30th Millennium, even markedly divergent Abhumans such as the Beastmen could serve in the Imperial Army.

Since the Emperor’s stasis on the Golden Throne began at the end of the Horus Heresy, however, only the lesser Abhuman mutants, such as Ogryns and Ratlings, are allowed full citizenship in the Imperium. However, they are still distrusted by the Puritan members of the Inquisition and by the more devout believers in the Imperial Creed in every corner of the Imperium. Imperial citizens tend to treat Abhumans with a mixture of hatred, fear and prejudice and it is rare for Abhumans to reach positions of power within Imperial society.

Ok thank you for the description but, can you understand what I meant by that idea?

Wish I could edit the idea to fix some details on the beast race abhumans… damn