CW: Less Rando Weapon Shrines, More Upgrade Shrines

So, my last FOUR runs with a friend, we never got past 400 weapon power on our weapons, and were lucky to even get THAT.
Yet weapon swap/trade shrines were showing yellow/red by the third map.

Upgrade shrines are stupidly rare, given that you can pick your favorite weapons to bring into an expedition, and probably won’t want to switch.
Plus many Builds rely on specific weapons, and some classes, like Barden’s Slayer, literally need specific weapon types! IE: 2 1-handed weapons for one talent, 2 2-handed for a different talent. So you can’t use anything but flat upgrade shrines.

So please; make weapon Upgrade Shrines more common. We’ve finished expeditions with over 2100 coins multiple times, simply because they never appeared, and we were running builds that COULD NOT risk losing a weapon type we had with a Trade Shrine. Or we just had weapon types we liked too much to risk it.


There is no way you finished multiple runs without seeing orange tempering at the very least, not unless you didnt look around properly.

They can be hidden and often are in the citadel for instance.

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We look around everywhere, and my bad luck is legendary. I assure you; the upgrade shrines are sometimes amazingly rare.
But the game throws Trade Shrines at you like candy.

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That would make it too easy and chaos gods know we hate too easy! /s


Eh, I think it would make it more consistent.


I see at least one upgrade shrine per map

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Way I see it, Red Anvils are a premium luxury upgrade and I wouldn’t bank on keeping the same weapons just to save for what I want since the game gives plenty of opportunities to switch up/upgrade for better power.

Barring that the weapon upgrade system sucks for me since i see no incentive to buy anything below Orange tier and even then Im not particularily hurting for an upgrade unless I spot a red shrine. Green and Blue make minimal differences without having a weapon trait not to mentionI I could spend time saving for boons at a shrine rather than upgrading a weapon that will let me cleave through one more rat perhaps.

Except Bardin’s Slayer class can not take the gamble of using a weapon switch shrine.
Going 2 2-handed weapons, use a switch shrine, and get a 1-handed weapon? Welp, there goes your 15% power increase!
Going 2 1-handed and get a 2-handed weapon? There goes your attack speed increase!

And other classes also reply on specific weapons as well, which most players will bring in with them. This makes non-anvils almost useless in terms of value, and only used when you don’t care about the outcome.

Yet they seem to be twice as common as Anvils, meaning Slayers and others are completely shafted for weapon power.
I’ve had this happen multiple times, where even exploring every inch of every map has only put me at green or blue by the Citadel.

Thats an issue with the Slayer class not the weapon shrines system.

And reliance on certain weapons is also down to the player as well. The better player you are the less it affects you. The only negative factor after the previous is just fun and even thats subjective. I take neutral talents that have good functions in general for this reason. If you want to make a run with a build in mind you make the sacrifice that you may not get the intended results in mind.

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I would sure love getting 50% of a lower rarity shrine’s cost as a discount, say, -40 coins cost when going from green to blue over white to blue.
As for the shrines: Not once have I had a run without at least upgrade shrine of each colour.
Standard would be a red upgrade and at least 1 red random before reaching the first citadel map or arena. While bad luck is obviously a possibility, I would assume that Fatshark at least intended for every run to get at least 1 red upgrade before the end.

That’s my experience as well and I always thought the shrines were pretty much hard coded to be x amounts in each map. (Final event excluded)
The rarity might be random but 2 random(melee/ranged) with upgrade shrine has pretty much been the norm for me.

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No, it’s as issue with the system.
When you add a mechanic to the game, you need to be sure it works with previously-added mechanics, like perks & weapons.

It’s not the problem of the Slayer class that they rely on certain weapons to do well.
It’s an issue with the shrine system that Anvils are half as common as the Trade shrines he cannot risk using.

there is always few orange ones before reds even shows, open your eyes

Yes, because I play blindfolded. :roll_eyes:

I have, many times, not even had red or yellow while at the Citadel, and we always explore for as many Pilgrim Coins, shrines, and boss chests as possible.
I COULD have had red or yellow, if I gambled my weapon type, but that DOES NOT WORK as Slayer.

I don’t get why this is so insanely hard for people to understand; Anvils are more rare than Swap shrines, and this is a problem as classes that rely on certain weapons.

This part I don’t agree with. Slayer is good with any of his weapons. I see your point about the talents requiring two of the same type, but 1) there’s a third talent on that row you could take instead, and 2) having talent or boons end up useless due to RNG happens a lot in chaos wastes, at least for me. I do take every random thing I find though, I find that fun and challenging.

Do you not take random boons either, and just save your coins for the shrines?

I only take random boons when I am already borderline OP. Mostly because I ALWAYS get the ‘When above 75% health, take half the damage for the team’ boon.

I only enjoy that boon if I have ‘taking damage gives auto crits’ as the Grail Knight; his ‘Kill anything who’s health is less than 4x the crit damage dealt’ means crits = win.

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So take the third level 10 talent. This was it’s purpose before Chaos Wastes too, since not all Slayers wanted to use 2 1H or 2 2H weapons or even bring the Throwing Axes.

Slayer Class? It’s always down to the player to make something of what they got.

What do you mean he can’t risk using them? Slayer gets a weapon he can’t play with and just flat out loses? Sounds like the player’s problem.

nah there is a problem with the system in its entirety and it´s not just slayer.

For instance waystalker has at least one, possibly two, bows that get effectively disabled if she has the wrong talent/boon.

Serrated shot that is.

If you get or have that you cant really gamble with swapping shrines/random boon shrine because if you get a bad roll or two you effectively have no bow. You might even get forced to toss a good bow you already have.


Youre talking about the execution which of course is imperfect bugs included. Im talking about how its supposed to work.

Yes boons can screw you over since they involve bugged synergy

Yes some weapons dont work with some boons because thats bugged

Yes the Chaos Wastes are buggy as hell but this thread wasnt about reporting bugs. Its feedback on how the consistency of Tempering Shrines is in dispute.

I’d like if you guys stuck to the original point please.

What you stated was " slayer is the odd class out for having dependence on certain weapons/talents". You then go on to state that one can pick neutral (generalist) weapons and a build that sacrifices powerhouse talents to avoid stuff like hagbane+serrated scenario´s.

I am calling bogus on that.

Swiftbow is an awful weapon without serrated shot so if you pick that build you effectively cant use the random swap shrines since you can get a hagbane or moonfire which might not work either.

But even if you do a neutral start like moonfire + bloodshot +kurnous reward you can still get serrated shots from a random boon shrine and now you are boned anyway. Or you get swiftbow and you´re stuck with a super weak bow because you miss a keystone.

Plus, serrated + hagbane isnt a bug, it´s intentional on fatsharks part as to keep OP synergy down. Its been like that since the waystalker talent rework.