CW: Less Rando Weapon Shrines, More Upgrade Shrines

What you stated was " slayer is the odd class out for having dependence on certain weapons/talents". You then go on to state that one can pick neutral (generalist) weapons and a build that sacrifices powerhouse talents to avoid stuff like hagbane+serrated scenario´s.

I am calling bogus on that.

Swiftbow is an awful weapon without serrated shot so if you pick that build you effectively cant use the random swap shrines since you can get a hagbane or moonfire which might not work either.

But even if you do a neutral start like moonfire + bloodshot +kurnous reward you can still get serrated shots from a random boon shrine and now you are boned anyway. Or you get swiftbow and you´re stuck with a super weak bow because you miss a keystone.

Plus, serrated + hagbane isnt a bug, it´s intentional on fatsharks part as to keep OP synergy down. Its been like that since the waystalker talent rework.

I kinda feel we need the option to refuse.
Like spending the coins revleas a boon/weapon, we then get to choose if we take it.
At the moment, most random weapon shrines (depending on who I’m playing and what starting build) might as well not exist.

That said, I kinda feel that’s true for anvils tbh, even on cata I’d rather just wait for red, the opportunity cost to upgrade more than once just doesn’t feel worth it considering you’re unlikely to hit any meaningful break points or even roll useful stats.

And here I thought gambling was the point of the chaos wastes.
I don’t think I’ve had a single run up to citadel where I didn’t get at least two red anvils and at least one, usually two, random red weapon swaps, up to and including the very beginning of citadel.
But then, I usually play with someone who knows most of the maps with permutations and I do admit some of the shrines are rather out of the way. So if there’s a possibility of that not happening, I’d consider that a potential bug report.
Slayer’s problem is indeed Slayer’s problem, because the worst you can get is not benefiting from a talent that otherwise works - unlike the interaction of some of his level 20 talents, or Keri’s level 10 row.
I would much prefer the two 1h/2h Talents be merged, and a new third option be put in that row for slayer. As well as an option at shrines to drop random boons for no recompense.
That said, I also wouldn’t mind paying some extra to get a red anvil at a shrine.
And the option to use a random shrine repeatedly; If I don’t like the result, please just let me gamble away all my money.
Edit: The early shrines, without further discounts, are really just a gambling option to hope for the “extra coins” roll.

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The only thing I don’t like with Random Shrine as sienna is :

  • Each time I use it for a new ranged weapon, 90% of the time I get the flamethrower… why ?
    This weapon is aweful and need a rework, why do we get it so frequently ? It’s very annoying.
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