Custom Difficulty Option

I may be a bit of a dreamer at this stage of the games life but I guess this could pass forward to a suggestion for dark tide and I have no doubt that this has been a previous suggestion in another thread. I feel like it would be a great addition to the base game if a custom difficulty existed. One where the player could decide things like enemy health, horde and special timers, horde density and the addition of ‘mutators’ like tzeentchian twins. Other things like the addition of a timer (like in weaves) for the normal missions could be toggled and set.

The mode could be as an additional difficulty would allow it to be playable with twitch mode and people could join these custom games from the lobby. The removal of rewards would also stop any custom mode from being abused for items. I can imagine some really interesting community driven modes coming out of it and it could breath some fresh life into the game for those who are in search of a greater challenge in the base game.

I understand that there are alot of overalps with this idea and what is possible with modded realm . But in terms of convinience to the player having an option like this would be great in the base game.


That is no more than making spawn tweak as approved mod. You can do all you said on modded realm with your friends . Modifying basic value makes difficulty meaningless. That feature should remain on only modded realm.

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