We need higher difficulties or more custom modifiers

This game just wont last long enough for alot of people if it cant be made more difficult. We need extremly difficult gameplay options such as modifiers we can add to damnation like deeds (endless horde/hi intensity is not enough) maybe just a higher difficulty in general or something like fortunes of war where they just throw insane amounts of enemies and specials at you in waved based combat. Even something like weaves (i like weaves) it took a very long time to beat weaves and this game needs something that people can strive towards. Currently damnation is just too damn easy and its not fun if there is good players on my team. A team of 4 decently competent people can just casually walk through damnation easily slaying every enemy. I know the game is new and it will take time to make new content but i really hope something like this is on the radar for the future because vermintide had many amazing options for difficulty including modded realm.

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