Current penance issues

Resupply Allies- this one was acnowledged at least, makes it impossible to obtain any of the veterens penance helmets

Penances related to completing all seven mission types on various characters and difficulties- requires a checklist to know which missions are and aren’t finished. Also possibly bugged. I personally have completed many missions on all my characters and every single penance is at 6/7

Flawless execution- streak cancelling for no reason or just not going up at all, despite more than meeting requirements. Cancelling on disconnect, and not progressing from joining a match in progress. Also cancelling when being already downed while loading in to a match in progress.

Dream team-kys

Don’t stop me now- entirely reliant on outside players to be running phyker builds with cooldown reduction.

Warp battery- unchanged after warp charges were substantially nerfed. Technically possible but definately not on malice, as advertised.

Um no, flawless execution doesn’t cancel on anything except you being downed. Ironically, it won’t even cancel itself if you kill yourself without being downed (such as being thrown out off the map). Anything else is fine. Quitting is fine.

Also it doesn’t count up if you’re joining mission in progress, but it doesn’t cancel.

Thrilled it worked for YOU. Did it perfectly and I still don’t have even the first teir of the challenge

Another bit of weirdness with Flawless Execution is that it’s tracked per character, meaning you have to do all the missions in a row with the same character, but downing on any character can reset the streak for all your characters.

Also not true. Look, I took some time to do it very recently (all 15 missions in a row).
It literally works as stated. The only caveats are about joining into mission in progress, this won’t get you any progress but won’t reset the current streak as well.

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