Flawless Execution Bugged (Steam)

So I have been trying to get the Flawless Execution 2 challenge 10 missions on Malice without going down for the Steam achievement and its bugged.

I have completed 12 missions in a row but it only counts if the mission starts from the beginning. If I join a match after it has begun it counts as a down and I have to start all over again.

This is not good enough. If you add achievements and penances then make sure the work properly please.

Mine is bugged too - stuck on Flawless Execution (1) 4/5. I’ve just done 7 missions in a row (3 were quickplay, joined groups just starting out) and I didn’t go down once. All should count.

I’m afraid you do need to be in the mission from the beginning, otherwise you could quit and rejoin at the end for a free completion. Or just join a mission at the end for a free completion.

Thanks for the response - that’s fair enough. Does joining a game part way through interrupt the streak? And if joining mid-game does not count, does going down in games that don’t count then interrupt the streak?


  1. Complete 2 games from start with 0 downs.
  2. Join existing game not from beginning and player goes down.
  3. Streak interrupted or progress retained?

A further question - presently we can’t opt to start missions from the beginning and it’s just luck whether we can begin them ourselves or get put in a preexisting one; will there be an option for this in future? It’s quite difficult to complete this penance presently without such a feature.

That is fine but it shouldn’t reset the count…plus you have no control over the whole joining someone else in quickplay. I really do feel I should be given this achievement at this point.

Heyo, thanks for the question! I asked the devs and got some clarification.

Joining a match midway does not interrupt your progress - but going down in such a match does, even though it wouldn’t have given you progression if you had completed it flawlessly.

Thanks for clarifying :+1:

Given this penance is very difficult unless you have a premade group (e.g. you can potentially go through 10 hours of gameplay flawlessly and get nothing) I wonder if this could be reworked to be number of elites or specials killed without going down or something similar. That way every game would count towards the progress and people couldn’t cheese it (the only downfall with this is that you’d be competing against teammates for final blow on elites, but there are enough that it might not matter).


  1. Flawless Execution (1): Kill 50 elite enemies in total without going down.
  2. Flawless Execution (2): Kill 100 elite enemies in total without going down.
  3. Flawless Execution (3): Kill 250 elite enemies in total without going down. [reward frame]

Alternatively we’ll probably need an option to start games from the beginning rather than auto matchmaking.

Thanks again.


Glad to be of help, as much as I can!

Your idea for a rework of the penance is very interesting; I suggest that (if you’ve got the time) you head over to the General Feedback subforum and create a thread about it there - that’s where the appropriate eyes have a better chance of seeing it and taking note!

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Well I cant get it. was at 7/10, I crashed midway through a mission and it resets. Please change this or give it to me retrospectively.

Will we ever see a queue that is guaranteed to start a new lobby instead of join an existing game? Not just for the sake of the Flawless Execution penance, but so players can change their loadout in response to their team composition.

I had to leave several missions as it kept trying to place me in maps that had already started to finish T3 Flawless Execution. Very annoying not being able to just start a new lobby.