Curios and blessings/feats

Does anyone know if Curio’s boost the output of Blessings and Feats?

For example with the Zealot does +15% toughness regeneration effect ‘Enemies Within, Enemies without’ and other toughness feats?
What about Momentum on a melee weapon? are they effected by Curios?
Do health curios effect ‘Faith Restored All’ feat?

I’ve heard it’s said that stat only affects coherency regen but can’t confirm whether or not that’s true.

Health curios increase your max HP. FRA restores 25% of the hp damage you took from the last instance of damage, so I’m not sure how you’d expect them to interact?

WIth regards to the second part. Is the amount of health regenerated by ‘Faith Restores All’ based on your base health of your class, or the health result calculated from Base + curios

The health restored is purely calculated based on how much damage you took from the hit to my knowledge. Hence base health and total max health both have no relation to it.

I’m pretty sure Toughness Regen affects the amount gained from kills and blessings too. I get like 8 a chained strike with my knife instead of the 6 the blessing tip mentions, and 7 a kill on ogryn. I use 2 15% toughness regen curios.


interesting, thanks for the info!