"Curated" Weapons/Curio rewards for special event missions

Good morning, evening, night Everyone,

I think we can all agree that special events, mission conditions, and tome/grim rewards are underwhelming in the later stages of the game. In my opinion, more money and xp is nice, but it is not an incentive to potentially risk completing a run for. If the major event missions that appear every so often had a curated weapon/curio roll that is specific to each class as a reward, would make these difficult trials worth it. For example, a mission pops up with grim/tomes, endless horde, and lights out, the reward for ogryn would be a ripper with a specific perk roll. The rarity of the weapon scales with the difficulty, so difficulty 1 would be a white with high numbers up to a yellow at tier 5 with one god roll perk and one random. These would be limited time events. I think this would be a fun and natural way to earn end game gear that doesnt involve grinding crafting material.

From my experience so far (lvl 30 ogryn with 60 hrs from the pre release beta), I feel confused as to where I get higher numbers and better gear. The main place seems to be the weekly bounties or crafting. My problem with this is that it is all rng. You have to wait for the shops to refresh to get a good weapon roll or hope that your upgraded weapon has a good roll since the other crafting aspects are not in the game as of yet.

In summary, I believe this game shines when you are in game killing mobs for the emperor, and I want to spend as much time doing that. I think special event rewards will be a great way to add new content and keep people excited about checking out the mission board. Other than that, this is easily one of my favorite games of the year, and I am glad that you all are addressing the problems quickly.


I agree. The best part about the game is the gameplay is fun, and the levels look awesome.

Everything else is abysmal honestly. Idk how long the gameplay can carry this unfinished game.

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