Crafting system rolls tied to Difficult missions

The best way to get crafting mats is just rushing low level missions and picking stuff up.

I saw you want to make it so you can rip weapon blessings off existing weapons to combine them and add them onto other weapons.

So my proposal is missions give random perk drops to missions but on high difficulty get higher level perks or since your want to rotate missions on timers tell us what we are gonna get for finishing the mission so we really want to finish the mission even if it’s some endless horde damnation run because it’s got some t4 perk for the main weapon we got and want but can only run it once before it disappears.

Also the secondary objectives like grims and tomes if completed fully give extra crafting mats like plasteel not just a bit of money and exp.
Then we got a reason to run grims on heresy and damnation.

I would also like a system were we got reroll tokens every hour to reroll the shop but they only stack up to 10 so if we don’t check every 10 hours we start “wasting” them.
Would make the whole having 4 characters a bit easier to manage.

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I’ve seen some excellent solutions and proposals (mine included:D) on this forum, yet they’ll probably never get implemented.

I think they will be but it’s probably best to not rush to implement all the reward systems into the game with no thought.
Once they get a crafting system that actually works well you implement the reward structure to make it feel more rewarding.
Might be better to make grims or tomes give perks and hard missions give extra crafting mats.

I wouldn’t even mind if DH dropped some crafting mats.

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Tying crafting resources to difficulty is just another way Fatshark is screwing over low-level players who’re just trying to play the game for fun.