Crosshairs suggest less accuracy when crouch moving


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When using the

your crosshair indicator, which tells you how much spread a shot will have, seems to be bugged somehow? it reacts to things which influence your spread, so standing still it’s pretty narrow, crouched down it’s narrower, moving it gets wider and moving while sprinting even wider.

but when you move while crouched it gets gigantic - bigger than the moving while sprinting value, i’d evaluate. i’m not sure if this is actually influencing spread or just a visual bug. i can’t think of any balance justification for it to behave like this but maybe i’m missing something?

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Thank you for your report! This behaviour is intended. From our developers:

a lot of weapons, especially unwieldy ones like braced autoguns for example, gets worse spread when crouch-moving while using the alternate fire. To “simulate” being in an awkward position and trying to control an unwieldy weapon.

Autoguns have worst recoil when shouldered.
By design apparently.

fair enough and thanks for the reply! this is using the regular fire rather than the braced mode which i think is alternate fire, but if it’s intended that’s fair.

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