Do autogun get more stable when aiming down sights?

I was using this thing below this morning and it feels way better to NOT aim down sight is it in terms of stability.

Do autoguns actually gain stability when aiming down sight ?

When you look at detailed view of the weapon stability stat is expressed in recoil and goes from higher (worse) to lower.
The ADS recoil is actually way worse when the gun is properly shouldered :confused:.
Feedback welcome.

Just about every other FPS game in existence has different hipfire and ADS recoil values. I think you’re looking for a problem where there isn’t one.

The point is they have worst recoil when shouldered which makes no sense.

And it’s happening while in using the gun in game, not only a different stat scaling issue which could be a thing.
The gun gets much worse recoil when using ADS.

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You’re looking at recoil and completely ignoring precision. I don’t get what the problem is. Hipfire has fast reaction time and fast movement speed at expense of precision. ADS has precision at expense of recoil. Very basic gameplay design that’s held up for decades.

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How does a gun get more recoil when properly shouldered ?
It’s a constant. You shoot, you get a X value amount of recoil.

How you shoot it changes how much control you exert over that force resulting from the recoil.
Shouldering the gun allows to use your body to counteract that force.

I also do not see any game with worse recoil when shouldering your gun. This simply does not work like that in real life or in games.

ADS has precision at the expense of time consumed to fire and finely aim your gun.
There is no increase in recoil (a constant from the gun/ammo combination itself) but better control of recoil when you use your whole body as a support shouldering it.

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It’s a game, and not a milsim at that. I don’t think it needs further reason. It’s fine.

Let’s agree to disagree.

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I suspect its a mechanic added in a hamfisted way of balancing the guns, the design philosophy when it comes to balancing weapons seems to be to just make them clunky, slow or have weird ass mechanics added to them, instead of only balancing around rate of fire and damage.

Or, since ADS in dark tide seems to affect the FOV, it might be that thing where a more narrow FOV will make the gun bounce around more, a lot of other games have this quirk as well, Call of duty being one of them ironically.

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You see, this is the problem. You’re trying to justify in-game balance decisions with real-life as evidence. Unless you’re making a milsim, this is an absolutely terrible way to go about it. Using that reasoning you may as well remove jumping, dodging, and the 360 degree block. You know, staples of a Tide game.

I would rather not have your flawed reasoning negatively affect the game whose combat mechanics are arguably worse than it’s predecessor.

Get over yourself nerd.

does it actually increase precision? I use the braced auto gun alot but decided it wasn’t worth it to Brace (right click)

Im sure it does something, but whatever it is it feels so minute I don’t bother . (actually I find the whole idea of braced autogun weird, it doesn’t have extra grips or anything different, could easily just shoulder the damn thing and use the iron sights).

Controlled burst or tap firing from the hip does the trick

There is a spread stat which probably applies to precision on continuous fire.
Not sure how it applies on first shot when hip firing though, should try some more.

I resolved to not using ADS at on the infantry in the screenshot and for 2 shots salvo hip fired, it pretty much had enough precision like that.

Gun is anyway not really usable mid+ long range even with ADS.

I found all those Braced auto guns had more spray than the aggripna MKVIII.

I do like the Columnus MKV at very close range, But the MKVIII is good at close range and can reach out medium to long range, so yeah. MKVIII all the way

I think they messed up all damage ranges with the patch on the headhunters with the latest patch though :

maybe but thats the headhunter variant? I thought we were talking about braced variants?

As for the headhunter they were horrid before patch (IMO did nothing well), after patch I have been trying them out and they are better…but I think they should still hit harder, or have a scope to make headshots their thing (I still wouldn’t take them over the other autoguns. Maybe I need to give them more of a chance)

Oops thought MKVIII was headhunter only.

I only use the one with increased weak spot damage blessing up to 42.5% which makes them good, though their sight do need improvement (Headhunter rifles, a small change to ironsights maybe?)

Ahhh…so theres a blessing requirement on them. Hadnt seen one with that yet. Might make the difference it needs. Not a big fan on having the usefulness of a weapon dictated by a single blessing (illusion of choice when there isnt really)

My main experience is with the MK VIII (and a little bit with the MK II) braced but it feels like the gun is a touch less accurate in ADS, but the recoil becomes more horizontal which is favourable for mowing hordes, and also matches up with the reticle change. I usually tap in hip fire to hit things a bit further away.

Not sure yet if crouching helps at all.