Did brautos spread get stealth nerfed in patch 14?

Because they seem awfully inaccurate all of a sudden. Maybe changes to the vet tree did it? Maybe I’m imagining things?

It just seems like they land a LOT fewer shots on anything outside of 15-20m.

Nah they always were like this

They got buffed…they made the braced “ads” have less horizontal spread at range and less recoil in general. They increased the recoil of the hipfire but not the spread to my knowledge. These were all unmentioned changes,

I’m not going to complain about the braced mode buffs (though I can’t say I’d even noticed that), but hipfire mode definitely feels like it has a wider spread than before. Or perhaps a faster rate of bloom ramp-up.

The braced auto guns have always and probably will always be more accurate and have more stability when you dont brace them. i.e. you should never be bracing a braced auto gun and you will notice a massive improvement to their performance

This isnt true as of patch 14

I dunno about changes, they still feel pretty good. For the spray autos these favor tap firing the most, like the Krourk stubber but they can actually reach out and tickle that sniper to death. Mk8 still dumpsters rounds you just don’t feel like putting any effort in and will always have a place in my heart. Columnus is fun. Miss me with the buffed Graia, I miss being able to choose to use the messy wasteful fire mode. As in, I liked stretching those reserves out.

Not sure about that, but before the patch braced mode was definitely an optional extra rather than something you ever felt a need to use.

That’s the thing, it feels much worse at this sort of thing now. Like, before it was capable of it, but wasted a bunch of ammo. Now it feels like it’s not even worth attempting.

Oh well, it sounds like it’s all in my head. Maybe it’s the new vet tree not really having anything for them other than extra ammo…

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