Brace of Pistol's accuracy is something else

Issue Summary:
When using brace of Pistol’s, shots can either be dead on target at vast ranges or miss completely at a point blank distance. Movement while shooting or even crouching has no effect on this, and the reticule seems to have no effect either.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip pistols
  2. Place bets
  3. Miss wildy at point blank, or pull off an Eagle Eye Annie across the map

Reproduction Rate (Choose One)
Often (< 75%) At point blank & medium distances. At long range, shots almost always hit

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I noticed this as well, I always thought this might be some sort of “spread”.

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yeah, spread seems to be larger than the crosshair would make you believe.

We have a mod on PC that shows us where the cross-hairs actually are. Even the elven longbow, if you move when zoomed in, the crosshairs open up a lot.

Both Bop and Handguns don’t register hits randomly, on both Xbox and PS4.

I’m using that mod because I found the same problem as OP.
I can confirm both BoP and Handguns (and perhaps some other weapons. I have suspects on the short bow if fast shooting) have problems with hit registration.
I’m starting to think if the enemy is near you , shots are randomly ignored.

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