Brace of pistol nerf

atm when i use alt fire with brace of pistol it doesnt shoot whenever i click. it does this annoying reset both hands animation.

is this working as intended?

i should probably mention what i meant by click.

i hold down rmb, and i press lmb 1 time at a time. before whenever i click lmb the gun would fire. now when i let go of lmb, the gun goes into this annoying reset both hand animation.

it is not as slick as before. fat shark do u not want bop to be a slick firing weapon?

also the rapier pistol fires super quickly now and its very odd to get use to

This has probably something to do with this:

so what im experiencing is not working as intended yes?

No I think they broke something while fixing another thing, a classic.

Checked it out in game. It’s confusing that you get the normal animations now if you fire the fast mode slow because you loose the indicator that you are still in alt-fire mode. At least it doesn’t look ugly.

Yes it seems this way.

well then. more to the piles of stuff fatshark broke lol.

i hope they fix it soon, whc is me main and i use the bop alot :I

can one of u fatshark person mark this as acknowledged :O?

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