[CRITICAL] - Inputs, switch, keys not registering are making me crazy!


I am reloading this closed topic : [Input lag] Often occuring and randomly

(in this topic, Palesz, and blakrajder said something good)

It’s still running, to be honest, we always had this kind of problem, but I am getting crazy, it’s on every game, you get damages you should not receive because you press “switch weapon” key and NOTHING happens, and the chaos begins…

@Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia
Please feedback this to the specific programmers in charge of this feature. It’s not good at all. Everyone in my steam friends from VT2 meet this problem, it’s for every players. We were used to do with, but it’s unbearable anymore for cataclysm, and high weaves !

All the registering key setup has to be reworked, there are too many drops.

You press switch key, no registering…
You press ulti key, no registering…
You get damages for free ! For you did not intend that.

(I have a high end PC, a 1gbps connection and a high end keyboard with a high polling rate 1000 events per second / and max stacking frames set to 1 to have the less input lag ever, and even it’s the same mess)

VT series are only the games I played with this kind of key registering drop.

It’s half random, I mean, it’s happening more often when you are moving while, in fact this game hates when you press more than one key in the same time, if you are holding a moving key while doing another action, it’s increasing failure rate on registering keys.

If you are too much fast in pressing keys, it can register in the buffer 2 actions consecutively, and switches twice, and getting disturbing and die cause of this…

People are silent in this problem but trust me, I got 1500h in VT1 was same, VT2 1500h same, we need to change this !

Switching key mecanism is like the base core gameplay of VT, it’s the key you press the more after attacking !

Thanks for reading.


Quick switch is terrible again. Probably because they based WoM on an old branch of the game from February and none of the fixes since then are included


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