Some keybinds don't work right

I’ve been trying to find a keybind setup that works for me and feels similar to how VT2 felt but a couple things are really bugging me. For starters, binding ping to MW Up / scroll up does not work at all, you simply wont be able to ping anymore which is frustrating because that was my bind for ping in VT2. Secondly, MW Down / scroll down does work for jumping but doesn’t work consistently for vaulting. sometimes I’ll need to jump 5 times to get it to just vault a little fence. I don’t know why that is or if there’s an easy fix for it but it’s a little bit frustrating to deal with.

Lastly I have a razer mouse and use their software (razer synapse) to bind MB5 to spam left click that way I can still play for a long time without getting wrist / hand pain while dealing with hordes. It worked fine in VT2 and for every other game I use it in except for Darktide. I’m not sure why that is or if there’s a fix for it but I figured it’s worth mentioning in case anyone can help.

ping on MW up doesn’t work
vault on MW down only works sometimes
my auto light attack hotkey works in every other game but darktide
pls help, thank you <3