Bring back multiple keybindings

Being able to set multiple keys for the same action was a feature I liked a lot in Vermintide 2, but unfortunately it’s no longer available in Darktide. It can be very useful in some situations and make gameplay more fluid and/or comfortable.

One primary example would be Crouch. I’d like to keep crouch on CTRL as it’s the key I’m most used to, but pressing it while sprinting with SHIFT to slide isn’t very easy to do and often results in misinputs during combat. Instead this would allow me to bind crouch to both CTRL and MB4 to use for crouching and sliding respectively.


Yes please! I know it took you guys a long time to implement this for Vermintide, but having done so proves that it is possible. Since the gameplay has so many similarities I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to add this to Darktide as well.


I would like to have Dodge as Double Tap ASD, I so often result in misinput with having it on Spacebar.

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Yes to all of these, please!

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Yes, please, bring the multiple keybindings to Darktide!