Alternate Keybinds / Per-Character Keybinds

Would be nice to be able to bind something to 2 separate buttons and/or have per-character keybind profiles


Let us have 2 sets of keybinds, like we have in Vermintide.

I.e, having “R” as reload works perfectly fine with shooting weapon, but while carrying a staff, trying to strafe, run, dodge while cooling down is more challenging.

I’d love to bind it as a 2nd bind just so I can work it on psyker.

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100% agree and this should be easy and quick to implement.

I’d like to bind crouch to both CTRL and C and given the prevalence of crouch sliding and needing to crouch behind cover mid-combat in this game and I’m getting increasingly irritated that I can’t do this.

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Just give me double key press dodge like VT2.

I want this too, more specifically though, I’d like one of the crouch binds to be toggle and the other not to.

That would be a great quality of life change for sure.