Multiple Keybinds

We need more than 1 keybind for each control. Having crouch-slide be reliant on using the crouch button is awful and is too reminiscent of a console game. I ended up binding crouch to a button on my mouse and found that while it made crouch-sliding easier to use while moving, it ended up making firing while crouching awkward because it requires a slight grip change.


I have crouch bound to C and it helps for sliding but it’s really inconvenient for moving and shooting since I need to hold C.
I know the workaround for this would be enabling toggle but that feels weird to me.

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Agreed. I want to crouch with control, but then be able to slide with my mouse thumb button. It would be a relatively large quality of life addition considering how easy it would be to implement.

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I know it just came for VT2, but by the Omnissiah, we need it here. All my keybinds do not work, because I trained them all the time we had in VT2 (“all the time” meaning from releasing the option until the beta).