[Feedback] Sliding

There should be the option to bind “slide” to a key so that it performs a slide automatically if you press this key + WASD without having to press a sprint key. My carpal-tunnel says thank you.

Edit: alternatively, having the option to bind slide to a different key than crouch would work just as good


Thats the whole point… To do slide u need to sprint first. Weird thread…


What a bad take. It’s two buttons… And yes as pointed out above half the point is that it links off other actions so that suggestion makes little sense.

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I have to agree with schmierwurscht.

I never slide, because the key combination is too straining for the hands to do.

Also, this is ergonomically bad because I have to move some of my fingers away from the other more important keys, and it takes time to reposition them.

Fortunately, it’s entirely optional and you can play the game without ever sliding.


Actually its 3 buttons. Wasd + sprint + slide. Lemme explain where i come from: most shooters use shift sprint and control crouch as defaults. Ive played shooters for 10+ years and i just can’t make my brain unlearn these things. Sadly its incredibly hard for me to perform slides this way because both control and shift are pressed with the same finger. Im using macros to work around this but an option to just use one button to perform a slide would be nice (for me).


You can but its honestly pretty clutch thing to learn to do properly and it makes immobile weapons feel a lot better than they should be at mobility wise(Dodge sliding).

Sounds reasonable enough.

Macro. Easy. End of thread.

You could get a pretty cheap gaming mouse with macro buttons! I’ve got one of those MMO mice with 1-12 on the side, and I use that for weapon special actions, slide-dodges, b-hopping – it’s really handy once you get the hang customizing it and setting up macros. I use a Redragon.

That being said, I think having the option rebind specific actions like that is important for accessibility. Right now we can’t even bind the same action to two different keys, only different actions to the same key. It would be nice to be able to bind “dodge” and “crouch” to the left alt key or something, in addition to their current bindings, since that would let you slide-dodge without taking any fingers off WASD.

Damnation is eminently beatable without using slide-dodge. (I don’t mean dodge, I don’t mean slide. I mean slide dodge. Google it if you don’t know).

I see more and more people using it almost constantly to avoid all damage. To me it looks like total cheese, especially since Damnation in no way requires it, it just requires a good build and skill at the game.

Remove the dodge-slide crutch.


sliding is pretty useless. you hardly get any distance or speed and i am pretty sure it does nothing to avoid getting shot

Map dodge and crouch to the same key and you should be golden.

The additional head/camera movement taking place on each dodge action is likely the only potential issue not everyone can coupe with.

Slide is fine, especially when you do a 360 before landing a hit to show off your awesome tony hawk skills

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In other games, you might slide a few times per minute.

Zealots played right should be sliding about 1 time every 2 seconds.

Carpel tunnel is real. Game devs should be able to accomodate reasonable (and easy) requests by their community.

Just because it would have little impact to you, does not make it unnecessary.


I like how fatshark disliked VT2’s dodge spam enough that they gimped dodging, but then gave us effectively the same tool again but with one more button press. What the hell do they want.

HELLO? I thought having players have better functionality would improve the game not take away from it.

At worst a player plays slightly better god forbid someone plays better with QoL changes.

At best it makes no difference to their gameplay and you don’t notice it.

Hell Destiny Number 2💩 gave ALL weapons full auto firing capability so you could just hold down your triggers and focus on hitting precision shots for optimal damage on any weapon type.

Sidenote pretty sure devs said AHK is allowed.

Why do peoole always try to nerf everything fun?

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That is so incredibly ironic considering who it’s aimed at TBH.

You are not correct, evry character during slides
is immune to ranged damage, melee damage depends on the class, zelot is actually immune to melee damage also during slides.


Also add autoaim and even autoplay mode like in mobile games, thx.

close but not quite. it’s more accurate to say that characters have toughness immunity, ie, the attacks won’t deal toughness damage. as such melees while sliding still do HP bleedthrough if you’re not at 100% - in fact, both vet and psyker get half melee toughness immunity, it’s just ogryn who gets none. if they get meleed while sliding they take half damage.