Can we please get some alternate inputs?

Hello. This has been an issue that has been percolating in the back of my mind for some months now (especially after I watched this video from Mark Brown), but has really come to the forefront of my mind now that I have come back to the game after kinda burning out in the WoM beta.

Simply put, all too often my hands hurt after playing Vermintide 2. Plus I’m no long as young as I used to be and some days I just lack the manual dexterity to deal with some of the more complex move inputs. I would like some ways to rebind things natively in the game and maybe add some more toggles.

Currently there are some stop gap solutions for this via programs like Autohotkey, but they’re, ya know, hacky stop gaps. Plus they tend to be latency sensitive.

So here’s a simple list of things I would be overjoyed to have access to in the base game on PC.

  1. Secondary keybinds.

    This is pretty self explanatory I feel. Sometimes I want two buttons to be able to perform the same action. A great example of this is found in Sienna’s venting. I want a vent button that I can hold down while still being able to move in all directions and dodge. The default key, R, doesn’t work for that. But I also want to keep reload on R because it’s very familiar. Right now I have reload/vent bound to my M3 button for the former and use an AHK script to also bind R to the same action, but I can’t think of a good reason why I should have to resort to such an extreme method for something so basic.

  2. Separate, discrete inputs for push, push-attack, heavy attacks, etc.

    This goes back to my old bones not really being very nimble at times anymore. Sometimes I mistime things like holding LMB for a split second too long or not enough. Which results in me doing a push when I want to do a push attack and vice versa. Once again I have an AHK script that sort of helps with this issue, but its very sensitive to latency.

  3. Option to hold LMB to chain light attacks for melee weapons.

    Spamming left click for extended periods is rough on my index finger. And frankly I play hard enough that even though I used AHK to rebind light attack to my mouse wheel over a year ago, sometimes my finger hurts from scrolling too much. Adding in a discrete heavy attack button would make this a viable in-game option and my finger would be very relieved

  4. To piggyback off of the former. A toggle option for both light attack spam & ADS.

    If we can toggle crouch, why not these two as well?

Constructive commentary welcomed.


I don’t think there is any reason not to have these options in game outside of the toggle for light attack. That actually makes q-swapping and qq swapping way too easy from my tests. Granted you can macro those so I guess it’s not really a big deal.

Also, some tips for you because you’ll never actually get these QoL changes.

  1. AHK scripts kinda suck. Download a solid third party macro software. If you have a gaming mouse (which it sounds like you do) then there should be a software for it online.
  2. Pushing vs. push attack is something you can get used to pretty easily if you practice it a bit. It was a problem I had when I started this game, but now it comes second nature.
  3. Remove your AHK for reloading. When trying to learn an unfamiliar keybind, its best to just quit cold turkey. Only change 1 keybind at a time, but slowly adjust your keybinds over time to get used to more efficient keybinds. It should take a day or two of gaming per keybind to get the muscle memory. In the meantime, you unfortunately are just gonna die a few times to pressing the wrong keys. Also, you can help yourself get used to the new binds by spamming them while you are waiting around in the keep. It helps develop the muscle memory.

We definitely need double-binding. Multiple commands on the same key would be harder to implement because the game needs to have a built in priority on which command to use first, but it would still work for mutually exclusive commands like special attack/reload which I have suggested before.

I totally agree.

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