In Vermintide 1 you could check on option that made the game prioritize dodging over jumping if you were holding W at the same time as A or D. Why isn't that in VT2?

I’m a lefty, and I don’t really have the keybind real estate to have both a jump and dodge button, so I’m stuck with the down key as both. This option in VT1 drastically reduced the hits I was taking because I didn’t have to focus on fighting a horde while also managing my fingers like it’s Stepmania. Can this incredibly useful option be brought back, please?

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Same option is in v2 as it was on v1.

Atleast im using that jump dodge without double tap dodge.

I have scoured the options and not seen it, so if you want to give me the actual name to turn it on, I’d love to learn it. Especially because I double checked before I even hit post, and then triple checked after you said that, and you’re definitely 100% incorrect. I’m not talking about double tap to dodge, which is the only dodge related option available.

I’m talking if you’re fighting a horde and just so happen to be holding whatever your walk forward button is when you try to dodge left or right, your character will instead jump like a dumbass, and in Vermintide 1 there was a box you could check so you would dodge instead. It prioritized the left/right movement over the forward.

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The option is in there. Quad checked. I use the option. Keep checking.
Can’t give you the specific name of the option atm cuz the server is down.

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