Crashes with strange red/purple pixel patterns


So since I purchased the Grail Knight DLC I’ve had a plethora of crashes happening for me which is just insanely frustrating. I’ve tried to troubleshoot all possible solutions on the Fatshark site but nothing seems to be working. No crash errors, or bug reports. All I get is green/red/white coloured pixels dancing about my screen (like glowing stars), followed with red/purple ‘XO’ patterns of pixels on both monitors. My PC then freezes completely and I have to manually restart it. Both pictures were taken with my phone as it’s frozen as I couldn’t screenshot or do anything but manually restart.

Monitor 1 -

Monitor 2 -

Any help is appreciated. My PC is very high spec (GTX 1080 TI, 32gb RAM, Intel i7-8700k) with all latest drivers updated/installed. Maybe I’ve missed something but sure I’ve tried everything and was never getting any crashes like this before with Verm, or any other game, until I downloaded the DLC (Grail Knight).

Thanks again.

This seems hardware related.

It’s either your cable from monitor to graphics card thats broken.
Or your monitor is broken.
Or it’s a graphics card issue.

I strongly think it’s your graphics card. But you should do some troubleshooting to know for sure.

Did this happen just after you installed a new driver?

The second image wasn’t even on vermintide though, I might understand, but like the person above me said it’s most likely hardware related

It’s definitely a hardware issue. The same thing happened to me and in my situation, it was the graphics card. It had died.

But, the same thing does occur when your cables to your monitors malfunction or when the video card of your monitor is starting to burn out.

-Try unplugging and plugging back in your monitor cable
-Try using a different monitor cable
-Check inside your tower and ensure your graphics card is secured properly

If none of those things help then it’s either the video card inside your monitor that’s burning out or your graphics card is dying.

If you do see green horizontal lines start appearing on your screen then it’s definitely your graphics card dying. I had the same pixeled images you did BEFORE I started getting the green lines.

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