I dont know, what to do, pls help

GUID: 604ce18a-e07d-4d38-b46f-7e7ebc94c9ee
Log File:
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If this is about a crash, i´d probably help fatshark if you also upload console and crashlogs.

You find those under Disk → User- > * Insert username on PC * → Appdata → roaming → fatshark → vt2

Hello @Sirizis, do you have a NVIDIA or AMD GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) other than the Microsoft Basic Render Driver?

I have Intel HD Graphics 2000

crash_dump-2021-04-27-19.33.05-3e2cfdd9-7c85-4470-8aff-1d948a5ef6b0.dmp (407.6 KB)
console-2021-04-27-19.33.05-3e2cfdd9-7c85-4470-8aff-1d948a5ef6b0.log (105.6 KB)

Unfortunately, the Intel HD Graphics 2000 doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Vermintide 2. I can only recommend you contact Steam and request a refund in this scenario. :disappointed:

Oh, ok. Sorry for disturbing. Good luck.

No need to apologise! I hope one day we’ll see you in Vermintide 2. :slight_smile:

All the best!

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