Game crashed!

Please include as much information as possible in the description of your issue and include any crash reports produced (if applicable).

GUID: c41fda2b-5ee7-4c3e-8465-2136c7b5fcfa
Log File:
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Can you describe what you were doing in the game when it crashed?
Do you use any mods? What map were you playing on? Did the crash occur randomly or under a specific circumstance eg. interacting with an object, loading into a game session, etc?

@Freakles it appears your GPU is essentially resetting during play. This may be because your GPU - the AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series - does not meet the minimum GPU requirement, being the AMD Radeon HD 5870. Unfortunately mobile (laptop) GPUs are often substantially under-powered compared to their desktop counterpart.

You could try performing a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers using the instructions here, otherwise in all honesty the best option may be to request a refund via the Steam client - as I’m not sure your experience in Vermintide 2 will be stable. :frowning:

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