Crashes at random but usually within the first 15 mins

GUID: 2710bf37-018b-42db-8d83-7164b49b863e
Log File:
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I have veryfied files and clean installed drivers and redistributables. same crash on both DX11 and DX12

Hi, are you using Avast, AVG, SpyBot or 360 Total Security?

No im using Kaspersky

i have already tried disabling antivirus completely during play and it doesn’t help.

So, this appears to be a GPU-related crash. I recommend running through the solutions in the article here:

I tried these before but this time it has worked thank you.

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Glad to hear that :grin: Np!

Seems it only fixed it for one day. Back to a few seconds in the game and it is crashing again.

GUID: 13d3c050-0906-49c0-8da9-08ec87f3d600
Log File:
Info Type:

Did you try all of the solutions in the article? What were your temperatures like?

Yes I did. My temps were at 65ºc. So nothing really as the limit on my 1080ti is 90.

Sorry to hear that Benny, we may be at a bit of a loss with this if nothing in the article has proven to be successful. Would you like us to contact Steam and request that they issue you a refund?

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