Game crashes after minutes

Hi guys,

i´m new to the game, or rather want to be new to the game.
I bought 2 copies, on my second rig it works fine but on my first rig, i get crashes in less then 5 Minutes.
I reinstalled the drivers, the game, even steam.
I tried the different DirectX-Versions.
I used more or less the lowest Settings on a rather high-end rig.
Still get different crashes.
These are the last 3 Crashes
GUID: 5caad63a-f346-4445-8a47-ad13f1b2fe01
Log File:
Info Type:

GUID: 5c5cb7a0-c602-4b6c-8bf9-3d3753fcbacf
Log File:
Info Type:

GUID: 99b6864b-b8e5-4001-a27c-b630c1c9f9b1
Log File:
Info Type:

I Just want to play this game so bad.
Hope somebody can help me

Hi @Gorius1990,

The first crash is GPU-related. You’ve already mentioned trying some of these solutions, but it may be worth running through all of them here:

The second two are Access Violation crashes, which can be tricky to pinpoint the exact cause of. Are you currently playing with any mods enabled?

I’m not playing with any mods.
And i tried all the solutions above, sadly without success

are there any system errors in the event logs when the crashes are happening?

windows key+r  



Main place to look would be windows logs > system.

It may at least give you a starting point, if you’ve not already looked there ofc.

Thank you Xanoth, in the logs i only saw that easy anti cheat was up and down.
Couldn´t see other error.

@Gorius1990, we’ve received quite a few reports of players having some trouble since the latest NVIDIA GPU driver release. Could you try rolling back to an older driver version?

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