Crash with Shadowplay streaming

I have tried to start streaming both while already in game and before launching the game. In every case the game closes to taskbar and can’t be opened again.
Reinstalling graphics drivers and Geforce Experience did not help.
It does not seem to crash for me while not streaming, which I read has been the case for several others using latest Nvidia drivers.

I have attached the last crash dump:
crash_dump-2020-01-12-10.37.46-a6fd8d1b-d324-4f7e-a17c-ebb6c780422a.dmp (535.0 KB)

Could you also please upload the corresponding console log? :slight_smile: Thank you!

Certainly, here you are, thanks for looking into it!

console-2020-01-12-10.37.46-a6fd8d1b-d324-4f7e-a17c-ebb6c780422a.log (222.9 KB)

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