Crash that potentially bricked GPU

I’m unsure if the game itself is responsible for it or if my GPU itself was faulty in the first place but I experienced 2 crashes, one of which killed the signal to my monitors. the first one was fixed after a restart, but the second one didn’t and signal only came to my monitors after replacing my GPU with an older one. I cannot replicate it as the crashes seemed to happen randomly, however 2nd time it happened when I clicked the Social tab in the ESC menu.
crash_dump-2022-11-22-23.26.22-ee3081f3-4e66-4025-8069-c9daaea9a0fe.dmp (956.0 KB)
console-2022-11-22-23.26.22-ee3081f3-4e66-4025-8069-c9daaea9a0fe.log (877.0 KB)

Sorry to hear that. Your crash is GPU-related but there was likely some underlying vulnerability to start with, we operate in protected memory so it should never be possible to cause physical harm to your components.