Crash, black screen requiring complete reboot

Started happening today, I have no idea what it going on, here is my crash dump for the day. It first hapened at the end of a map, then immediately after finishing the loading time.

I have a rtx 3080 and an i7 8700k, so I know it’s not due to my hardware being bad
The game consistently crashes the very frame my character would become playable right after loading a mission.

Added another crash report for good measure.

crash_dump-2020-11-03-16.45.42-988b04f0-a94a-4732-88ab-93db493b84f5.dmp (619.8 KB)

crash_dump-2020-11-03-17.48.49-8175ba7d-a620-46b7-aa72-b12d855b6fe7.dmp (619.7 KB)

Also the temperatures are perfectly normal, I tried playing a few hours of other games and nothing crashes.

Usage isn’t any different than usual.

Please have a look at:

Hey turns out my PSU cable going to my GPU got stripped and melted but for some reason all the other games didn’t cause the crash until way later.

Had it not been for Vermintide’s legendary optimisation my house might have burned down.


Here’s an image of the damage

Woooah! That is something!

Glad our, ehm …optimisation… could help in this case. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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