Crash after launching

Hello, I’m currently having a problem, in which the game is always crashing after launch. Here is the error report:

GUID: 0d1b06e4-2bbd-44dd-b2f6-3cd1577171be
Log File:
Info Type:

I have already installed all the avaiable updates for Windows. I have also tried to use the “bypass launcher” option, but the same error happens. There is also a windows warning message saying that “the program can’t initialize correctly error (0xc000007b)”.
Hope you guys can help me, thanks.

Unfortunately I believe the only solution here would be to perform a clean re-installation of Vermintide 2:

Hello! Thanks for the answer. I actually manage to make it work by updating the visual c++, which was strange, since the last time I played this game (in 2018), it was working fine. I guess the requirements changed along patches, but thanks!

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