Crash after 4.6.1 Hot Fix - No error message

These are the logs and crash reports from the day (today, 16/3/22) and time when the crash happened.

To describe what I was doing, I was playing with Shade, Official Realm, Into the Nest. The crash happened in the part between the 3rd tome and the Rag Ogres cages. Like I said, the game crashed with no error message, straight up to desktop.
I’ve disabled most of the QoL mods after the update, except for Loadout Manager, Parry Indicator, Skip Intro, Scoreboard Teaks, Reroll Improvements, Notice Key Pickups, Item Filter, Host your own game, Neuter Ult Effects and Crosshair Kill Confirmation.

console-2022-03-16-14.28.22-90b128fc-be3d-498a-8201-2b78b894fe22.log (3.1 MB)
crash_dump-2022-03-16-14.28.22-90b128fc-be3d-498a-8201-2b78b894fe22.dmp (792.0 KB)

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We’re on the case and working to resolve this ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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