Unclear crash


So i was playing through Garden of Moor testing the new Shade when i got a crash, here´s the logs and whatnot :

GUID: 5ac68d5b-1f40-4e0f-b1c7-1a78136c42f0
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-03-15-14.53.58-130a0417-f817-4bb1-8730-026bf30f3be0.log (3.2 MB)

Not sure if it was related but i had a instance of 3 people seemingly DC’ing in very rapid order just a couple minutes before the crash. One guy joined in between.

Thanks for the report @Frostysir - this one is on our radar and we’re investigating!

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Hello and thanks for the quick answer!

I played another round with Shade and disabled all my mods after thinking things through, that one went smoothly.


I just played a few with Sister of thorns and had a crash on her just now, here´s the stuff :

GUID: 20f2c105-56d1-46e2-957b-53b90823ce51
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-03-15-16.56.12-0a906e29-8e10-48e9-b663-6dcda18e52df.log (2.1 MB)

Appears to be the same error - this one is a nuisance :frowning: we’re working on it, thanks again!

Oh, i thought it might be a different one by just reading the GUID numbering thing. Not that i have any actual idea what that one actually conveys.

welp, i´ll try to find a different one before i bug you next time :sweat_smile:

No worries! The GUID strings are just unique identifiers so we can search up the logs for the specific crashes :slight_smile: the actual logs show you ran into the same error.

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