-If the host has no mods activated but someone joins the game with any mod activated, game crashes during boss/patrol fight or at the halfway marker of map.

-If host has no mods activated and no mods subscribed but someone joins with any mod activated, game crashes in the bridge of shadows.

-If all players do not have mods activated or mods subscribed but the host does then the host disconnects causing everyone else to crash.

Out of six total games I played today, I was only able to complete one and that was with my friend and we deactivated and unsubscribed from all mods and played with bots.

Even though some mods still work, if they join a game with someone who doesn’t have mods activated, the game still crashes.

What a waste of time.

EDIT: This is addressing the normal gameplay, NOT the weekly challenge mode.

Maybe attach those console logs?

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GUID: 6a3aabf7-ed77-474c-8e4a-3392d20ea31c
Log File:
Info Type:

MIssion countdown timer at 0


GUID: 6a3aabf7-ed77-474c-8e4a-3392d20ea31c
Log File:
Info Type:

in keep opening bog chest

GUID: 274e82f5-98bc-4160-b807-879f0d452f4c
Log File:
Info Type:

I would attach the console/crash logs if they weren’t blank…

-verifying files does not work
-updating drivers does not work
-buying a new graphics card did not help

What a waste of time and money. Too bad it’s too late to get a refund even though the game won’t play for me anymore.

Doesn’t matter already uninstalled game. They won’t fix sh*t, I won’t play it.

Sounds strange that the console logs would be blank. The crash reports have been blank for me since last hotfix though. Apparently the GUID is very helpful too, so even if the crash report is blank the GUID could still be submitted. (Console logs are the ones created for each game session, found in Roaming/Appdata)

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