Constant crashing - Game is Unplayable! - FIX IT PLEASE!

Issue Summary:

I have no idea why the game crashes so frequently now. I have mods, and maybe those sanctioned mods are the culprit, but they shouldnt be. I can not see any games in the lobby browser, so I host one and a crash is ALWAYS incoming within 5 mins of the level. The game is in an unplayable state, PLEASE fix it. I LOVE this game, but cant play it currently

I bet Im not the only one who is having these issues

Sometimes people join my game, and then leave (or crash, or like me, find out they cant damage the enemies) within a few seconds of joining

This is in a worse state than release. Come on guys, get this right - I just bought both DLCs and have been having crash after crash

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  2. The
  3. Game

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I would have to upload 100 screens here, seriously. I have crashed 20-30 times in the last week or so. Unplayable


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I have made no changes, and my directx version (along with my video drivers) are up to date
This is not the issue

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Go through the log? That would take as long as uploading screenshots. It is NOT a local issue. No changes other than adding sanctioned mods have been made in months and months

We’ve hotfixed our most problematic crash, so you should see a substantial improvement but any other crashes you experience are likely to be mod-related. You can usually determine whether a crash is mod-related by the error message.

I’m getting a crash error everytime I start up the game, SSL_CONNECT_ERROR is all it says, this really sucks…

@Kiwi , please see here.

Yes, whatever the patch did, besides whats in the notes… it seemed to work. I would crash with all mods disabled before, and now can run nearly a full day without a crash. Lol, still needs some love, but a huge improvement. So whatever work was done, I appreciate it

I can get through game after game now, with all my mods running except those that gave me errors relating to them like ‘Loadout Manager’ ‘AI Improvements - Combat’ and ‘Item Filter’

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