3 games, 3 crashes

EDIT It was because of mods


I’ve jumped into the game as soon as I downloaded the newest patch.

  1. Joined Into the Nest and crashed before I even spawned.
  2. Joined Convocation of Decay and crashed after 1 minute
  3. Joined Fort Brachsenbrücke and crashed in less than a minute.

The only common thing between crash #2 and #3 is that it happened during an encounter with the Chaos Warrior. I thought that DX12 might’ve been the issue, so I turned it off before the Fort Brachsenbrücke but it crashed all the same.

I’m using only one screen for gaming but I have a 2nd screen connected. I will disable it and test to see if there will be any difference

I did not get a GUID code.

console-2019-08-06-23.16.10-3e18a2a7-1f2c-4730-b092-5be685e122b5.log (291.2 KB)
console-2019-08-06-23.28.38-2ce41e0c-d31b-4f72-a6f0-67705f1e5506.log (537.8 KB)
console-2019-08-06-23.36.42-b0ea83a7-0181-463c-a82b-259c0b782247.log (288.8 KB)
crash_dump-2019-08-06-23.16.10-3e18a2a7-1f2c-4730-b092-5be685e122b5.dmp (1.2 MB)
crash_dump-2019-08-06-23.28.38-2ce41e0c-d31b-4f72-a6f0-67705f1e5506.dmp (526.6 KB)
crash_dump-2019-08-06-23.36.42-b0ea83a7-0181-463c-a82b-259c0b782247.dmp (581.1 KB)
DxDiag.txt (87.9 KB)


Another crash. I will turn off all the mods and try again.
console-2019-08-06-23.55.10-499a316b-59e9-4212-9148-3dc83d82329b.log (475.6 KB) crash_dump-2019-08-06-23.55.10-499a316b-59e9-4212-9148-3dc83d82329b.dmp (602.0 KB)

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