Crash on Startup Using DX12 (Can Happen Multiple Times in a Row)

Apologies for the overly-long title. Apparently the forum won’t let me use, “Crash on Startup Using DX12.”

I will crash sometimes (maybe about 75% of the time?) when starting up the game in official or modded when using DX12. If I switch to DX11, the problem resolves.

Attached you’ll find the log (this particular log is modded realm):

console-2020-03-25-21.03.38-90b9499d-3550-4106-a812-78f678f4d6f9.log (9.6 KB)

Thank you for reporting this Exan, did this start with the latest patch?

No, this has been a problem starting maybe about…three weeks ago?

Thank you - it’s in our database now.

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