CTD on War Camp lord fight

Not sure if posting this helps. Was fighting Bödvarr as unchained. I went down and died, I think our shade was the only one alive in the end, fighting Boddie, when I (who was also the host) crashed to desktop. Pretty annoying as it happened on the end of a Legend run, and especially since I was hosting the mission.

Using the majority of sanctioned mods.

GUID: 0cfddc0e-549e-445e-8b5a-f75b11c17f6f
Log File:
Info Type:

Did the shade go invis?

She had a conq pot so I assume so, honestly not sure as I was downed/dead and not paying too much attention.

We found the cause and a fix has been made. Should be out in a future patch :slight_smile:

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