Crafting Feedback/tweak suggestion

Thanks for adding crafting. I just wanted to make a note of something that might want to be changed aka tweaked a little. Currently you have the lower # of Diamantine and higher # of Plasteel to make weapon upgrades. As of now you have 900 plasteel and 350 Diamantine to upgrade, and I believe there should be an adjustment based on the drop rate of Diamantine and Plasteel. In runs you are currently getting around the same amount of Diamantine and Plasteel per run meaning that in the long run you’re “rare” Diamantine resource ends up being super abundant compared to your Plasteel even though plasteel is suppose to be the common resources. I might be just getting super unlucky on my plasteel drops or lucky on my Diamantine drops.

However, I feel like I’m going end up with a massive surplus of Daimantine that might be useful for other crafting stuff I dont know, but just purely based on what we have right now it seems like Daimantine is going to be in extreme excess compare to the Plasteel. I would offer that you adjust the # for the upgrade or just change the droprate or increase # of plasteel you’ll compare to Daimantine.