Could we have a server where only allow the best players?

I understand the frustration that can come from having to play with pubs. And I understand your desire to want to play with better people in pre made groups however there shouldn’t be an arbitrary limiting factor to who can and can’t join the server. If a person is going to join a premade in VC, they’re probably already better than most pubs.

I’m pretty sure there are a good amount of DT discord servers. Joining any one of them and playing with anyone in VC will most likely give you a better experience.


Kids these days just don’t understand. Raiding was serious business.


Ok if everyone’s done dogpiling OP for being elitist or whatever can we acknowledge that the lack of a lobby browser, or really any way at all to choose the group you join (besides assembling a private team through discord or previous PUG team mates), is a pretty legitimate complaint? Just like mission selection there is a very distinct backwards step in QoL between VT2 and DT here.


The dogpiling is more about their tone than their request, I think.

Lobby browsers and GaaS don’t typically play nice together. The business lizards that drive these decisions don’t want players making their own little communities.

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In Deep Rock Galactic, it works flawlessly.

TBF Deep Rock Galactic is kind of a fake GaaS case since the developers actually seem to see their players as more than walking wallets.


DRG is very much an outlier in the GaaS space.

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Badly needs an mmo style LFG chat so you can post the group you got and what you need.

I know the discord and the forms exist but as someone who played MMOs for I HATE that the only avenue to find a group is tied to external systems.

Then again I imagine they are worried it would somehow invalidate the quick play option so it’s probably not going to happen.

I feel like social/matchmaking improvements are a ways down the list at the moment. Can you even switch between hub and strike team chat? We’d need that at a bare minimum before an LFG channel - it would be handy though; I just do Quickplay myself, but out-of-game matchmaking is tedious by comparison

Yes, it’s a really weird attitude they are showing. “If we treat our players well they will treat us well back”. And it actually just… works!
Borderline heretical, if you’re asking me… :thinking:

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if your a good enough player it doesn’t matter what team you have, you will adapt or learn to carry solo as a zealot

As a note I almost want this to happen just to see “the best players” annoy the absolute kark out of each other. It hit me when trying to play Auric last night and being in 2 disaster runs and 1 good one.

Seeing teammates constantly sprint off, split the team, get downed/trapped/dead while I’m sticking with our Ogryn and mostly staying alive causing me to have to play like a jerk just to revive people. Another one on carnival the team splits on the interrogator room, gets murdered because no one wants to communicate with anyone on what corner to take.

Then I quick play into a lights out smelter complex, it’s taken at a reasonable pace, everyone is close, we have a few incidents and recover it.

At this point sure, let it happen, I just want to see how fast it devolves into people being at each others throats tbh.

I didn’t realise there was a penance for “most cringeworthy post”.

Does it award a helmet with “I am very smart” written across it?

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I find it amusing that your posting scoreboard bs. Supposedly to show that your a good player.
Here’s the thing, this game is not only just about kill count, or max damage, or being able to solo carry as a zealot, each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, and each player will be building to try and achieve a certain thing.
A psyker might be running bubble and lightning hands. And yeah they might not be getting allot of kills. It doing allot of damage. And key may explode themselves every now and then.
But how many bullets did they block from gunners snipers, reapers whatever?
How many dogs, trappers, poxwalkers, maulers, crushers did they stun with their lighting?
How much damage did they save you from?

This game is not about “me big number me best player” it’s about team work, having a well balanced team. And having a zealot that can solo carry the entire game when the rest of team died to a pack of 8 Crushers decide to show up out of nowhere

Besides if you want to only play with good players. Their is this lovely little in game system called “sending someone a friend request”


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