Could we have a server where only allow the best players?

Of course, players play for simple fun would always unhappy with those much better than them, so do we have some mod or server in which those best players can play (without bonus)

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If there the server for best players exisit, we shall see if best players need normal players, or normal players need best players.
I guess seperate different need would satisfied both better

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Sure we do. It’s called a “strike team”. Using that, you can personally select only the best players to play with you.

Assuming they want to play with you, that is.


there was public lobby list in Vermintide2, where you can diy the name of your server(lobby), and most of time we do not use qucik play but browse the server list to find if anyone to play with.
I personally expect very much to see this function to return in Darktide.

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Oh, congratualtions! You got big numbers!
I bet those pesky teammates were there doing nothing while you carried them to the victory and they deserve their low scores!

How dare people try and play harder content! They should know it’s made for you, not them!

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Or why you think there is level-4 diffculty and normal level-5 difficulty available?
However, now we see this verson of difficulty player-selecting dost not work well enough!
Think, before you throw out your childish emotion.

This will help you


Yes, Phys are not as strong as before nerf, however, why I still can have those big score and you just cry out for those nerf, or COULD YOU REALLY TELL WHY AND WHERE PHYS NEED TO BE BUFF?

Taking bets on how long it takes a CM to close this thread down for devolving entirely into personal attacks.

Any takers?


I mean, it’s an entitled PoS thinking he’s better than others because a fake scoreboard tells him he’s got the biggest numbers.

It will be closed soon.

Relax bro youre using a scoreboard mod that doesnt even track score the same for everyone in the same session. It means nothing. When FS didnt want to include the scoreboard they were thinking of an imaginary boogie man who apparently you were very keen on becoming. Fact is youre gonna run into bad players every now and then and guess what, if you do get a server of only ‘leet’ players then youre gonna find that its incredibly boring and toxic because anytime you wanna not use the meta theyll just post angrily on an online forum.

You should make a discord of only pro elite hardcore gamer such as yourself. Easier that way and youll definitely be happy.

I just uninstalled it when I switched from a full damage build to a support build and the scoreboard simply kept telling me I did very poorly when I actually saved the run more than once.

I just try to see the newer or unlucky players as an extra auric modifier. Give it your best and never give up, for the emperor!

I still keep it around for looking up total damage numbers. It’s a neat tool to check your own builds.
One just shouldn’t ever forget that damage numbers don’t tell the whole story.

I’m wondering if removing crafting materials from Auric Maelstrom missions, which are the only ones I play, would be a reasonable solution to perhaps deter “leechers” from joining the runs just so they can get max resources?

Personally, I don’t need resources anymore, but I do want to take on gratifying missions with other individuals who have strong mechanical skills and game knowledge and want to win.

I removed it when I was having mod issues after last patch and when I was reactivating them I just thought “this tells me nothing useful” and didn’t bother with it anymore.

Total damage numbers are just down to luck and enemy composition, you can test your damage in the psykanium to know exactly how much you deal.
Same thing for kills: using Smite I usually bring entire hordes down to a sliver of health and while I quell the others just swing around and take all the kills.

I don’t care as long as we move on, they’re just numbers.

There’s not enough players in this game to form a superserver for the elite. Also there’s no metric that would allow to see who is elite. There’s no elo system.