Could we have a server where only allow the best players?


My post may have been poorly written.

I’m not referring to ammo crates or medi - paks.

I’m suggesting eliminating Plasteel and Diamante from Maelstrom entirely, and I’m wondering if doing so will filter out players who don’t belong in that difficulty bracket and merely queue up in the expectation of earning maximum crafting material rewards.

as someone privileged enough to represent the exclusive internet big dong Server, im sorry to inform you, that you don’t meet our exalted quality Standard and your application has been universally declined.

thank you for trying, and we welcome you to try again, once you matured, and reached a the level of true Sigma².


Could I please join your big-dong server?

I’m posting my in-game stats and am prepared to provide footage of my five most recent Monstrosity fights, parses from the Psykanium as well as my characters gear score.

Does anyone else remember when joining a raiding guild was like applying for a job?


I had understood…

And I answered.
Fact is people tend to not pick things to look cool… but that just lead to problems. Who pick medikit / ammo crate that are not close to a medic station? the guys that collect materials. Cause we collect materials but find ammos, grenades, medikits, ammo crates…
As I said, in my games I see people that are unable to manage ammos and consider the team. I see people taking clip they don’t need, and the contrary. I see people not even trying to take a medikit cause they are stronger than that, people that refuses to go back (they rushed but won’t come back) to take a medikit… and when we see the magic screen “You have failed the Emperor” we know why…

So yes… people should stop rushing, or at least when they die like a big sh.t they should not try to find excuses in the guys behind… cause if they rushed that’s their choice.
Off course rushing can avoid a lot of troubles… but it should be said at the beginning of a mission.



I’ve also seen a number of players that seem oblivious to picking up ammo and med-kits despite continually pinging or writing in chat.

The main issue for me right now is players joining Maelstrom despite being absolutely clueless about how to play the game at a basic level.

It becomes a habit to join the lobby, check levels using the TrueLevel mod (which is misleading), hope that none of your squad members go down in the first encounter, and stay within Coherency, has team awareness.

These issues are fairly “new” to me and began to occur with the inflow of new players following the update, whereas previously I could have equal skilled teams in 8/10 of the Maelstrom missions.

It used to be amusing to fail missions since it was nearly always an unfortunate occurrence and you could laugh about it, but nowadays the bulk of failures are due to players lacking the skills required to play the difficulty level.

It can be a little frustrating at times. :man_shrugging:

Betting 6 hours.

I have the same issue…

I understand it…

Tbh, there are people that think they are better than they are… and that’s a problem for the others.
For console players, I have no hope… but for others, I think it will start to decrease by the time cause:

  • or they will stop to join (not funny to be on floor all the time - and to say the least, after lot of times I revived someone, I let a player on floor/prisoner - enough of the bul1shits)
  • or they will be trained and will start to play well.

By this time… I share your feeling…

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sweden is CET so 15pm RN, so they are probably working for another hour or two, I’d think they won’t check this thread today anymore, so tomorrow at 8am

so 17hours thats my bet

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Seeing the amount of materials you’ve gathered I can tell what kind of player you are lol

I would not bet on it. CatFish might pop up suddenly and give me another heart attack.

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Its surprisingly often in those off times that stuff seems to happen here so I’m confident with my bet :wink:


As i said on another thread, most people only use scoreboard because they get off to their own score

I’ve been playing vanilla Darktide so far, but this “getting off” part got me interested.
Off I go to install scoreboard!



We already have a server for the best players. However its very exclusive and invite only. We would have reached out to you if we wanted you to join us.

I’ll give you a hint on why you have been intentionally excluded at this time: If you can’t carry the other 3 players across the finish line kicking and screaming then you simply aren’t invited to the best players club.


Dont do it brother, dont give in the the Slaanesh temptations

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I understand the frustration that can come from having to play with pubs. And I understand your desire to want to play with better people in pre made groups however there shouldn’t be an arbitrary limiting factor to who can and can’t join the server. If a person is going to join a premade in VC, they’re probably already better than most pubs.

I’m pretty sure there are a good amount of DT discord servers. Joining any one of them and playing with anyone in VC will most likely give you a better experience.


Kids these days just don’t understand. Raiding was serious business.


Ok if everyone’s done dogpiling OP for being elitist or whatever can we acknowledge that the lack of a lobby browser, or really any way at all to choose the group you join (besides assembling a private team through discord or previous PUG team mates), is a pretty legitimate complaint? Just like mission selection there is a very distinct backwards step in QoL between VT2 and DT here.