please rngesus and score baord and a few other things

please, everyone i know is leaving because of this god awful rng system. hundreds of hours trying to get a 380 only to bless it and it be worthless. please please fix. even i don’t play as much anymore, and that’s just because i don’t see a point to wasting days on end for nothing. i have 1100 hours as of writing this. this method is not retaining players, its losing them. secondly, not having a scoreboard isn’t making the game less toxic. its making it more toxic. all the dumb players think they’re amazing and scream at the team for not keeping up with them or screwing the team over, and, in fact, are the worst players. i use the score board mod and its 99% of the time that the dude getting mad at everyone was actually the real problem. people cant tell they are doing bad and immediately blame everyone else and ruin otherwise good games. you cant blame them either. they don’t know they are bad. they having nothing to learn from or compare to to improve. a basic score board showing coherency, damage, kills and boss damage would do wonders to change the community to something awesome. where instead of ignorant as a constant you’d have semi competent player base who know their limitations. lastly i really think there should be a gear level restriction. tooooo many players hope on damnations/ aurics and they really shouldn’t be there, they truly are a burden to the team and ruin the gaming experience darktide offers. its not fair to everyone whos played very hard to do high end content and they are destined to lose because of a noob player with low level gear. its not their fault. it is simply the games design.

Done. To. Death. :slight_smile:
The developers have spoken on this. Given their stubborness elsewhere, this is not going to change.

I have some shared sympathies, but Horizon West is finally out so… I’m sorted for a month :wink:

But, sorry, segue … back on topic.

Some of the biggest factors for a team win aren’t captured by the standard scoreboard. And if everyone uses their own version of a scoreboard, then it all becomes very subjective.

How about the vet shout that gives everyone +50 toughness overshield every 30seconds?
How about the psyker shields that basically make the team invulnerable for 10-15 seconds?

Massive skills. Huge team crutches. I’d argue the vet shout is the best ability in the game, hands down.

Or conversely, how about those ‘broken’ builds that supposedly hit 1million damage. All scrubs compared to that, aren’t we?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously. Scoreboards should only be there for yourself to mark yourself. If others don’t want to, then it’s fair to say their £30 is worth every bit as yours; just mute/ignore them. Or humour them big time by saying nothing and carrying them, then bask in your stats at the end. Be Obama.


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