Could u pls upgrade the sever connection

Starting annoying the DC when I almost finish the run.
It has happened 8 times when I play this game in recent days, especially after these upgrades.
It is not my personal problem, my friends also got the same problem.
I like this game, btw.

i agree. OPERATION_TIMEOUT is the most irritating thing to have, especially in an intense run in the middle of a horde, and the stupid thing is that after you get the error you can see everything that’s going on still, and you can type to your team that you got the bug, but the game just decides to crash you out.

Well you know guys, there are no servers…
You connect to a player that host the game, that’s the only connection (escept for steamworks)

how’s that relevant to the constant error messages players are getting?

whether it be dedicated or peer2peer, if players are getting crashed out for no good reason, it’s a problem.

Well if there are no servers might be a your isp problem, not a networking problem (just thinking).
You could help the devs submitting some console logs to check. Saying “i disconnect” is not very useful for them…

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there’s plenty of other threads doing that already, i just need to sit and wait for a fix if there is one.

it was only a problem starting in vt1 after some particular patch. sad but oh well, whatcha gonna do.