Cooperative thread: Weapons and blessings bugged

We’ve disagrees on stuff in the past but this is really great that you’re doing this, I appreciate the work you’re doing to compile all this stuff.


The surge staff combined with warp flurry is bugged. Once you have 5 stacks the staff no longer does most of its damage

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Added last reports

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I hope they don’t fix this in the next patch, this might be fun to try out. Since it also applies to ripper guns, now I know why ripper ogryns are dealing 1.5x the total damage of an aggressive vet/zealot. Quite happy to see it’s just a bug.

Cavalcade does not work on Rippergun: Blessing Cavalcade does not work on Foe-Rend Mk VI Ripper Gun

Shattering impact on Rumber does not work correctly: Blessing Shattering Impact does not work correctly

Sustained fire does not work on the Trauma Force Staff: Blessing Sustained Fire does not apply on Trauma force and Voidstrike Staff

All added.

Thanks for the contribution.

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Great job! We needed a post like this.

Sweet. Here is some more:

Warp Flurry is bugged when hitting 5 stacks for purge and surge:

Bulwark shield direction is calculated from the user, not from the Trauma explosion (this is still the case, it didn’t use to do this before Trauma buffs):

Blazing Spirit weapons don’t give any chance to get a warp charge with Ascendant Blaze if the hit applying the effect kills the target:

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all added.

Don’t forget all, that, if you see something that is corrected and that I missed (or that was corrected without being announced), you can say it here.

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I desperately need the Ogryn Shovel to be fixed. It shouldn’t have that weird limit on the number of targets it can hit at only 3!

Same… and I need Rashad fixed.

I hate that we have only one axe really good

Skullcrusher on veteran’s shovel is working as intended. The damage buff applies only when the enemy is staggered (see dev response in the post).

Tactical Axes not pushing poxbursters has been fixed already. (patch 1.0.22)



Warp flurry pause bug got fixed on 1.0.40 for Purgatus and Surge staves.



Thank you for compiling this list. The god emperor would be proud, and embarrassed


Small contribution:

Plasma gun hip fire attack damage is inconsistent both compared to each other and the numbers indicated in the attack breakdown screen: Plasma gun damage incosistancy