Cookie crumb updates / microupdates

Hi FS team,

I assume we are still very far off and you don’t want to spoil things or set things in stone in case they need to be changed later.

That said I think it would be cool if you could provide micro updates like an out of context screenshot, or a snippet of lore, Or even gw resources like a painted mini or name of a book or char that we might get more info from as time goes on, even at like monthly intervals would be “fun”.

Maybe on Twitter or here, it would be a cool “game” for the community to try and investigate.

You released the trailers and ign articles but every thread is just people saying what they think would be cool to have in the game, a real info drought.

If you remember WOM streams, trailer, and posts, for example and the info provided it felt odd to me because of the amount of info provided prior to launch.

You would answer some questions and be really hush hush about others and we only made it through some of the weave effects and weapons then you released wom. I recall feeling you could have given away much more info about wom without giving away too much or spoiling things. And I really didn’t feel like i knew much about wom despite actively keeping up with it.

As an example if you have 10 main components to the game, you vaguely described 3 of them and then released the game. This was really weird, and made me regret keeping up with the updates and tuning jnto the streams, I might as well have waited until the game released, right? I was in the same boat as people who didn’t want any info and wanted to wait until release for everything.

Also i can know there will be a feature or component in the game and still be surprised by it when I actually experience the 90% of that feature that wasn’t described or it was out of context.

Hope this is helpful. Im not trying to say, “give us an update it has been x days” more so that when you are ready to start giving updates they don’t need to be interviews and dev posts that are novels, an update can be a vague allusion to a person who used a weapon or did a thing that you are confident enough will be in the game

If it requires sleuthing it can be fun and a community “scavenger hunt” and you don’t have to confirm or deny anything. It will give more substance to every thread, which is currently “of the 350 books I read or tabletop games I played with, I really liked this char/weap/story] it could be added bc xyz in lore”

You could also follow bungies example and do a thing similar to “” for halo 2, but that was a ton of effort on their part, though I’ll remember it for my whole life as will others.

Great work, stay safe, have fun


Fatshark wants to give updates but they don’t want to drop the ball too early like they did with Versus.

Don’t worry. The updates will come.


Complete info drought and showing a trailer 2 years early are both extremes - both are bad - and FS is guilty of doing one orr the other :smiley:

For instance are those lore tidbits they are showing somehow leading up to something? Or its just whatever?

I mean its nice to at some random day open up steam and there will be another BBB mega patch notes AND/OR chaos wastes update but having atleast some information is much better